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Nestled just 5km north of Valemount, BC Canada and surrounded by the Rocky, Cariboo and Monashee Mountains on Highway 5 is Cougar Mountain Lodge Bed & Breakfast.


Four gorgeous private rooms with private ensuites in over 3000 square feet in a beautiful log home. Makes it the perfect getaway for a weekend break or a leisurely mid-week holiday. Don't forget to try out the brand new mini chalets featured under "cabin rentals".

Valemount, BC, Canada is the half point if your travelling from Vancouver to Edmonton.

Mount Robson  Park is just a 15 minute drive!

On your way through one can either branch north to Prince George or continue East on your way to Jasper, Alberta, Canada.


From Jasper either head south, get on the Tramway and see Jasper like never before or continue south down highway 93 and visit the majestic Columbia Icefields. 


If you are wondering where Banff is from the Icefields, don't worry, you're almost there!

Cougar Mountain Lodge to Salmon Riding Area - 90km

Cougar Mountain Lodge to Chapel Riding Area - 57km

Cougar Mountain Lodge to Allen Creek Riding Area - 36km

Cougar Mountain Lodge to Clemina  Riding Area - 28km



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